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Doug Werby is a pioneer of digital editing. Having edited for major advertising agencies and corporations world wide, he brings unbridaled experience to each project. Broadcast, TV, internet, film or social media- when you hire doug, not only will you get one of the sharpest minds in commercial editing- but you will get a full fledged DGA director who knows what works.


I am a stickler for editorial. So, when I was told that he was a director/editor, I was skeptical. I was thrilled upon our first collaboration. That was a few years ago, and I haven't stopped working with him. Strategic, creative, efficient, problem-solving, nimble and, oh yeah, fun. He's the whole package.

~Diane Stember Richards,  Executive Creative Director Apple, Nest, Google, Facebook, E-Bay

Doug Werby is a consummate filmmaker. He has a firm grasp on how to squeeze the most out of any medium, technology and budget to create the highest possible production values. Most importantly, his storytelling ability is innate and seasoned. 

~Steven Sills, Head of Production Kaboom Productions

Doug is an excellent editor and storyteller. I've worked with Doug on a variety of projects over  the 15 plus years I've known him and it's always a joy to work with him. Doug has the ability to craft a story with images and sounds with an ease that delights the eyes and ears. One of the hardest challenges for an editor is to tell a story with footage shot with a different initial concept - Doug can make it work!

~Therese Vreeland, Freelance Executive Producer



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